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3 Percent MLS Listing Plan

3 percent commission NO UP-FRONT FEES! 

What is a 3 Percent MLS listing? 
Acadiana Real Estate professional Realtors at RE/MAX Acadiana allows experienced sellers the opportunity to save one half of the traditional six percent real estate commission by participating in the home selling transaction themselves.

What do you mean by “Participating”?
We mean assisting in activities that normally your professional RE/MAX Acadiana Realtor would perform, if you had chosen a full commission listing or "Buy a home with me I'll list yours for FREE!™". This requires sellers who are experienced and/or familiar with the details of a real estate transaction to insure a smooth and enjoyable transaction.

For example:

  • Home Inspection... it may be necessary for you to be home or arrange for the home inspection for the purchaser.  
  • Repairs... it may be necessary for you to arrange any repairs that are requested by the buyer to be completed, this may require bids, allowing access to inspect and complete repairs, along with the enforcement that any repairs were satisfied by licensed, insured and bonded professional contractors.    
  • Mortgage Requirements... it may be necessary for you to keep in contact with the buyers mortgage company to insure that the process is happening within the required time frame. There is nothing worse than having your home off the market for a potential buyer that really cant buy the home!
  • Appraisals... it may be necessary for you to be home to allow access to the appraiser, simply to insure that the sale of your home can close in a timely fashion. 
  • Termite inspections... it may be necessary for you to be home to allow access to the pest inspector, simply to insure that the sale of your home can close in a timely fashion. In addition to the initial inspection if termite damage is found, or previous damage detected, you may be required to manage the treatment and or any repairs that may be necessary.
  • Closing details... it may be necessary for you to choose and consult with a title company to insure that you can properly convey title to the buyer of your home. This becomes rather difficult at times if there has ever been title problems or if the property has ever been involved in a succession, bankruptcy, divorce or other legal situations.
  • Mortgage information... it will be necessary for you to provide the payoff information to the title company and may be necessary for you to deliver them the payoffs as of the date of closing!

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Are there any other cost?
No! There is never anything due up front when listing your property with a RE/MAX Acadiana professional Realtor.

Do I have to pay the Broker that sells my house a commission too?
No, RE/MAX Acadiana compensates the cooperating broker from the total 3% commission earned.

If I decide to upgrade to a full commission listing or "Buy a home with me I'll List yours for FREE!™", do I loose anything?
Yes, the most important time when selling your home is the first 30 days. The marketing that takes place with your full commission listing or "Buy a home with me I'll list yours for FREE!", is the most aggressive in the Lafayette, Louisiana or surrounding Acadiana Area. If you upgrade after having your home on the market for a period of time, this marketing campaign may not be as effective as the results we have had in the past. Discuss this with your RE/MAX Acadiana preferred Realtor, prior to making a final decision.

Does this 3 percent listing plan include print media advertising?
Yes, your home will appear in the Home Finder Monthly, however there is is no other guaranteed print media advertising. Your house may be advertised in the Home Finder, The Real Estate Book, Acadiana Homes & Estates or other special print media solely at the discretion of RE/MAX Acadiana

Does this listing plan include open houses?
No, there are no guaranteed open houses. Your house may be held open at the sole discretion of the professional RE/MAX Acadiana Realtor you chose(of course with your permission).